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Jan 03, 2018, Taipei Garden Hotel Mascot – Hanabby

Taipei Garden Hotel Mascot – Hanabby


In the bustling west side of Taipei, there is a rare corner of quietness. This is Hanabby’s home, a secret Eden removed from reality. The superstar of Taipei Garden Hotel, Hanabby has 7 open petals that change colors by the season, from pink, blue, yellow to green. Its friendly round face is always full of life and joy, vibrant with positive and optimistic energy. Hanabby loves her job as the hotel’s greeter, the very first friendly face that every guest sees.



She is here to help our guests solve all their problems, big or small, and to offer directions on all the hidden local treasures of food and culture. No matter how busy, Hanabby is always graceful, calm and pleasant. She is here to bring warmth and joy to all the travelers, and to ensure every guest receives the best possible treatment.


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