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Sky Garden


The Sky Garden features three Balinese style Jet Stream Bathtub with magnificent panoramic views of the Taipei metropolis, where you can take in famous landmarks such as Taipei 101 and CKS Memorial Hall while relaxing in the Jet Stream Bathtub any time of the day.  The pool water is treated with rose rock salt from precious ancient salt mines, as well as an herbal formula of more than 20 traditional Chinese herbal essences.  It is a heavenly experience of exquisite luxury you will want to come back for more!

The Sky Garden Jet Stream Bathtub
Open to Hotel and Garden SPA guests
Large open Jet Stream Bathtub accommodates 3~4 people, NT$500 for 40 mins
Small Jet Stream Bathtub accommodates 1~2 people, NT$300 for 40 mins
1. Advanced reservation required
2. A one-hour notice is required for cancellations. Inquiries:+886-2-2314-2200 #1600
3. Guests will be notified of closure due to weather condition.


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